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3-in-3 Chain

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In addition to dramatically improving your workmanship you ll find these patterns In addition to teaching the weave itself each infinitely useful in your future projects kit in our Beginning Weave Kit series teaches specifically when you need a beautiful chain specific techniques designed to lay the best that complements your focal point without possible foundation for more advanced chain competing weaving skills Our 3 in 3 Chain Kit is all about precision Closing the third ring in If this is your first kit you ll each row of the pattern Simple 3 in 3 and 2 in 2 need The Apprentice Guide to is challenging especially chains are usually ignored by Maille Construction Jewelry once you progress to Design before beginning You ll instructors in favor of more speedweaving because find a link to the free download glamorous flashy weaves you have very little room on the front page of our website Everyone loves a flashy to work Be patient and urbanmaille com weave but complex patterns gently find the best grip and multi angled reflections with your pliers so they can disguise poor workmanship The 3 in 3 don t slip If they do slip and gouge a ring toss Chain with its perfect rows of straight lines the ring in your scrap pile and get another and evenly spaced reflections makes imperfect Your kit contains quite a few extra rings to closures and pringled rings glaringly obvious allow for this necessary aspect of the learning so that a lack of skill in those areas cannot be process No matter how awkward it might seem overlooked So while this kit appears to be the the first time with practice you ll find it gets easiest of our Beginning Weaves achieving a much easier The ability to close rings precisely beautiful result actually requires a considerably in tight spaces is a skill you ll use frequently in higher level of basic skills more advanced chain work About 3 in 3 Chain beginning weaves 3 in 3 chain Copyright 2003 10 Urban Maille Inc All Rights Reserved urbanmaille com KIT02 3 in 3 Chain Weave Kit About 3 in 3 Chain Learning 3 in 3 Chain Speedweaving Attaching the Clasp Beyond the Basics 3 in 3 Chain Variations 2a Legal copies of these instructions display a holographic registration number here 2b Weaving 3 in 3 Chain Subtract the length of your clasp from your ideal finished bracelet length to determine how long to make your chain See our Apprentice Guide for more information on how to determine length if needed Begin by opening the tin of 16g 5 0mm rings included in your kit and pouring out a small mound of them 1 Open about a dozen rings and lay them out on your work surface Close three rings as smoothly and perfectly as you can 2 Put an open ring through the three you closed Close the open ring again focusing on making pristine closures and keeping your rings nice and flat 2a Slip the twisty tie included in your kit through the three closed rings fold it in half and twist the ends together The twisty tie provides something to hold onto as you add rings to your chain Alternatively or for future projects when you might not have a twisty tie handy you can put the first three rings through one of the soldered rings on your clasp and use it as your handle 2b 3 Pick up another open ring put it through all three of the rings on the twisty and close it so it lies neatly alongside the last ring you added 3 4 Pick up a third open ring with your pliers and again put it through all three of the rings attached to your twisty and close it so it lies alongside the last two rings you added 4 5 Examine your closures and make sure they re lined up as smoothly as possible See that each ring is lying neatly parallel to its neighbor and that each group looks like three straight lines without a gap that would indicate that a ring is pringled rather than flat If you notice any pringling press the wavy ring firmly between the tips of your pliers to flatten it and then neaten up the closure If that doesn t correct the problem replace the ring now because it will be much more troublesome to do it later Beginning Weaves 3 in 3 Chain 03 10 pg 1 2 3 4

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6a 6b 6 Continue adding three open rings to the previous row of three closed rings until your chain is two rows short of the desired length minus the length of the clasp or until you re ready to advance to speedweaving Speedweaving is never required it s a completely optional alternative If you prefer adding one ring at a time feel free to continue that way 6a b c d e Speedweaving 7 Pick up an open ring scoop three closed rings onto it thread it through the last three rings in your chain and close it 8 Pick up another open ring thread it through the same six rings the last ring went through and close it Turn the chain and use three open rings to attach the other end of it to the other soldered loop on your clasp Repeat steps 7 9 until your chain is two rows short of the total length you wish to weave Congratulations on completing your first 3 in 3 chain Recommended Ring Sizes rings inches width 3 in 3 per inch per ozt mm Use Limitations Tip You ll find that simple 3 in 3 2 in2 and 1 in 1 chains are endlessly useful in your designs When making 1 in 1 chains be especially careful to always use the thickest smallest ring that will work in the design so that it s strong Use three open rings to attach the last row of closed rings on your chain to the soldered ring on one end of your clasp 9 Pick up a third open ring thread it through those same six rings and close it This ring will be the most challenging to close 6d 6e Use your pliers to gently open and shape your handmade sterling Balinese S clasp Open one loop of the S enough to fasten without too much difficulty but not so much that the bracelet might come unhooked by accident It can be difficult to know exactly which rights are granted with instruction of any sort so we include this section in an effort to clarify our policies Our Weave Kits Beginning Intermediate and Advanced teach chainmaille patterns many of them ancient that are not of our own design and reside in the public domain If you learn a weave from one of our Weave Kits and then wish to teach that weave you have every right to do so as long as you use your own photos or renderings and your own wording in the instructions Using our instructions even if you retype them and change some of the words is a violation of copyright and other intellectual property rights Some of our Project Kits Apprentice Journeyman and Master are simple variations of standard weaves and the same rules apply as described above Those marked as Urban Maille Exclusives however are our own copyrighted designs and do not reside in the public domain If you have purchased a kit you are granted the right to make and sell the piece as many times as you like but we reserve the right to teach those designs ourselves Because they are unique designs and we don t grant permission to teach them sharing or publishing ring sizes and other particulars privately or publicly or teaching them even with photos or renderings and instructions you ve prepared yourself is expressly prohibited and constitutes a violation of Urban Maille s copyrights and other intellectual property rights This kit is not an Urban Maille Exclusive Whenever possible use a 2 in 2 chain rather than a 1 in 1 Not only is it stronger but it s more balanced Elements such as dangles that are suspended with two rings will hang straight and face front rather than twisting from side to side as they will when attached with only one ring Beginning Weaves 3 in 3 Chain 03 10 pg 2 2 12g 7 5mm 11 25 2 6 11 7 14g 6 0mm 15 0 3 9 9 4 16g 5 0mm 18 75 6 18 7 5 18g 3 75mm 24 75 9 6 5 9 20g 3 0mm 28 5 16 0 4 8 22g 2 5mm 39 0 25 0 3 7 24g 2 0mm 48 0 40 0 3 0 2 in 2 rings inches per inch per ozt width mm 12g 5 5mm 9 75 3 9 9 8 14g 4 5mm 12 5 6 0 7 7 16g 3 5mm 15 5 9 4 6 2 18g 2 75mm 20 0 15 3 4 8 20g 2 25mm 25 0 24 0 3 9 22g 1 75mm 33 0 39 6 3 0 24g 1 375mm 1 in 1 12g 5 0mm rings inches per inch per ozt 5 0 width mm 8 6 8 8 14g 4 0mm 6 0 13 5 7 2 16g 3 0mm 7 75 20 5 5 7 18g 2 0mm 12 0 32 0 4 0 20g 1 5mm 15 25 50 0 3 1 22g 1 5mm 15 5 92 3 2 75 24g 1 0mm 25 0 126 0 1 9 Thank you for allowing me to be your instructor for this weave I hope that you re pleased and that you ll choose us again for your next adventure in this ly n beautiful ancient art Ais Copyright 2003 10 Urban Maille Inc All Rights Reserved urbanmaille com KIT02 3 in 3 Chain Weave Kit 6c Attaching the Clasp